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Grilled Sardines (3pc)

Grilled Sardines (3pc) $20 Portuguese Grilled Sardines with Fennel, Olives, Oranges & Arugula * Add an extra fish for $5ea

PD Greek Salad

PD Greek Salad (S) $10 | (L) $16 Hearts of Romaine, feta cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives, oregano &...

COAST Lobster Roll

COAST Lobster Roll $26 PEI Lobster Old Bay & Lemon Mayo Served in a Buttered Toasted Brioche Bun with Slaw


Calamari $13 Sesame And Panko Crusted With Sweet Chili Lime Dipping Sauce

Pearly Chowder

Pearly Chowder (S) $9 | (L) $15 Double Smoken Bacon, Yukon Potatoes, Clams & Daily Catch

Pearl Diver Caesar

Pearl Diver Caesar (S) $10 | (L) $16 Hearts Of Romaine, Pickled Anchovies,House Smoked Pork Belly With Roasted Garlic And...